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“Your approach and work with my son was amazing.”

“We saw improvement in his speech within the first two weeks of therapy. She is great at interacting with kids and best of all she is great at explaining/taking the time to consult parents on what to expect and how to help the child while at home. We consider her one of the best so far and would recommend her services to anyone, anytime. Thank you Therapista!”

Karen, San Francisco mom

“Within a few days of Angela showing my son (and me) what to do, he was rolling over and sitting up.”

“Angela, the founder of Therapista, is an amazing therapist…I would highly recommend Angela (and anyone she hires) to work with your children, whether they have official delays or are just frustrated with the normal struggles of development.”

Amanda K, San Francisco mom

“What stands out is their efficiency and organization (not true for the other therapists we work with).”

“We have had two great OT therapists for our daughter with global delays over the last two years. The first went out on maternity leave, and the transition was great-they worked together well, and then our next therapist was very responsive to changes we wanted made. I love the notes they write at the end of each session, since often we cannot attend while we are at work and may not catch everything through the teachers/nanny. We work with many wonderful therapists for our daughter, but what stands out about Therapista is their efficiency and organization (not true for the other therapists we work with). I would recommend that any changes you might anticipate, you should communicate as soon as possible-but that’s true for any service. We are most pleased, and will use them for as long as we can.”

Stacia H, Oakland mom

“Their therapists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

“I am an infant development specialist and whenever I start work with a new family, I am always happy when I see that Therapista is providing physical and occupational therapy. Their therapists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the children and families they serve. They willingly collaborate with other providers and help facilitate an integrated team approach to early intervention. They regularly do in-service training to keep abreast of new strategies and approaches to their work. They are master providers and are leaders in early intervention in the Bay Area.”

Barbara T, developmental specialist

“Thanks to their philosophy of playing in the child’s comfortable environment, my son has made great gains.”

“At 2 years old, my son was recommended by my pediatrician to have him evaluated for the possibility of speech therapy. After evaluation by Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) and qualifying my son to receive therapy, they gave me several speech therapy options. I was immediately drawn to Therapista due to the mere fact that their speech therapist comes to your house! Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised upon “Teacher Mairead’s” first visit. She had a huge green bag full of engaging toys with her, which had my son hooked ever since! Thanks to their philosophy of developing by playing in the child’s comfortable environment, my son has made great gains in just the past 6 months. I appreciated the flexibility his therapist offered, accommodating schedule changes, as well as patiently allowing my infant to join in the play. Accountability is also obviously important to Therapista. The therapist documented everything that went on during the session, as well as making recommendations for me to work on at home with my son. In addition, I received a survey from Therapista midway into our sessions to let them know how everything was going. Today was our last session. : ( My son turned 3 and will be supported by the SFUSD (SF Unified School District) here on out. My son started off with just a 10 word vocabulary. He is now speaking in short sentences! Without a doubt, my son will miss “Teacher Mairead’s” nurturing attention and her bag of toys. I will miss her “bag of tricks” to get him to talk.

Linda T, San Francisco mom

“Keep up the great work!”

“My daughter Ava was getting PT from CPMC which was great. Then the Golden Gate Regional Center sent us to Therapista and we were sent Krystyna as Ava’s PT. She as been GREAT. We have seen so many milestones since Krystyna has been coming for home visits, she not only has been great for my daughter she also plays and makes sure my son Jack, Ava’s twin brother, is not left out. She also gets combat points when it comes to playing with Jack. And we now have a speech therapist Mairead who is also GREAT with Ava and Jack!!! She has so many great ideas. keep up the great work!!!!! And thanks !!”

Andy P, San Francisco mom

“Therapista must be great if they employ such a wonderful therapist!”

“I don’t know very much about Therapista itself, but when Golden Gate Regional put us in touch with them, we were sent the perfect match for our son, a very knowledgeable Physical Therapist named Betsy Viray. Not only did she have an immediate rapport with him and us as a family, but she would always answer our questions fully and in a way we could understand. She was positive in the way she worked with all of us and we miss her now that our son has ‘graduated.’

Vicki Z, San Francisco mom

“They were professional, patient and gentle with our infant, and turned her therapy appointments into fun play dates.”

“My daughter has been receiving weekly physical therapy visits at home for the past TWO years from Therapista. During that time, she has worked with just two therapists, which shows Therapista has great employee retention, which I feel is very important with small children. Both of these therapists immediately became part of our “family” and we were comfortable from the start having them in our home. They were professional, patient and gentle with our infant, and turned her therapy appointments into fun “play dates”, so our daughter had no idea she was actually “working” while they were with her. Also important, children get sick easily and our therapists were always accommodating when an appointment had to be cancelled or rescheduled at the last minute due to illness. You may not have this flexibility if you were to “go to” an agency or office which provides these types of services and may charge you for cancellation due to illness. This is an important and convenient service Therapista is providing. If your child needs any of the types of services they provide, I would highly recommend Therapista.”

Kristen W, Daly City, CA

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