Therapista gmail and encryption

Our email encryption functionality is integrated into our Google Business gmail service, which all therapists must use for all Therapista work.

To log into your Therapista gmail, simply go to and log in with your “” email address as the user ID, and the same password you used to log into our previous billing tool that we are currently phasing out. If you already have a personal Google account, you might want to use either a different browser or an incognito/private browser window to access your Therapista gmail to avoid login confusion.

Using the encryption functionality is as easy as typing “ENCRYPT” into the subject line of any email that contains PHI, when sending from your Therapista gmail account. That’s literally all you have to do! Note that emails sent within our own domain, ie. between “” addresses don’t need to be encrypted.


The experience of the recipient depends on their tech setup.

Most recipients with modern email systems will receive the email as normal, but with a blue Zix banner like this:
Recipients who are using an outdated or insecure email system will be directed to a secure portal (shown below) where they will be required to create a user ID and password to retrieve this and all future emails from Therapista. Note that Therapista team members never need to use this portal and should not log into it. Only use your Therapista gmail account to send and receive email.
Lastly, it is important to point out that no PHI should ever be contained in the subject of an email. If Zix detects that an email subject might contain PHI, it will send you an error message and you will need to remove the PHI from the subject before you can resend it.