Why home visits?

  1. No stressful scramble to get to an appointment.

    Why fight through traffic only to sit in a waiting room? When everyone's stressed, therapy is less effective.
  2. Kids are more confident at home.

    More confidence means that they'll be able to take full advantage of the therapy.
  3. Better results in between appointments.

    Because we are able to see your child's environment, we are better able to suggest ways you can work with them outside of therapy.

Why families love us

  1. We follow the child's lead.

    Incorporating the child's interests has the most impact, and is the most fun.
  2. We're medical experts, but we're still fun.

    No lab coats here. We're just as good at hide-n-seek as we are at assessing neuromuscular function.
  3. We see families as collaborators.

    Family goals and concerns are the priority. Respect for culture, language and values is key.