We have a mobile app, a web app, and secure email. We recommend doing the tutorials linked below in that order. A few things worth highlighting:

  • You can log your visits two different ways: on your phone immediately after the visit, or on your computer ahead of time. We recommend doing it on your computer ahead of time, because it's less fiddly and you can do it while not under time pressure in the client’s home.

  • You can use your phone to upload the visit note immediately after the visit, or you can do it at the end of the day from home (using wifi) and the carbon copy of the note. Either is acceptable as long as the carbon copy is legible. It must be uploaded the same day of the visit — otherwise our system will flag it as missing.

Please also see:

Mobile app

  • For logging visits immediately after they occur (if you choose not to do this ahead of time on your computer)

  • For uploading photos of handwritten visit notes

  • You can also see your scheduled visits for the day (if you added them ahead of time on your computer)

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Web app

  • For logging visits at home (if you prefer to do this ahead of time)

  • For double-checking your logged visits for accuracy

  • For viewing report due dates

  • For viewing contact info for caregivers and case managers

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Secure email

  • For all your electronic communications related to Therapista

  • For securely transmitting our clients’ protected health information

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